“Sometimes working in editorial you have to cold call photographers and ask for the strangest things. In this case, I needed a photographer to shoot grown men racing cars while carrying small pigs. Will didn’t question why, but only asked when! From his online portfolio it appeared he had an eye for capturing the unique qualities in people. He did not disappoint. He was able to blend in and get great images that captured the passion and heart these men put into their sport.”

Nathan W. Schroeder, Car & Driver MagazineDesign Directortear sheet

“Working with Will only makes my own vision stronger, and the process a whole lot of fun. Will combines flawless professionalism with a comfortable nature, and the execution I needed on a national client shoot. His approachability makes talent comfortable, but his delivery is spot on. He made a tight budget work amazingly, and in the end, delivered great product. I can’t wait to work with Will on our next project!”

LeAnn LocherCreative Director

“Will’s pictures are both masculine and pretty, if such a thing is possible. I was incredibly excited to work with him because his portraits are always so cutting: a better, more vivid, cooler version of the person seen through his lens. But when you look at Will’s portraits, they also speak so much to who that person is, even if they look better than real life. He’s excellent at making people comfy in front of the camera; my awkwardness lasted about 30 seconds. I was stunned when I saw the photos, because they were way better than my already sky-high expectations. Finally, it’s important to note that Will has a bitchin’ East Coast accent.”

Kelly Williams BrownAuthor, Humor Columnist, Senior CopywriterAdulting

Will has a gift. He can take what appears to be a mundane situation or location, and create a shot that’s infused with atmosphere and attitude. The final shot is a delight to the eye; a wonderful blend of documentary photography and some flight of fancy.”

Paz ReingansCreative Director

“Will Bragg’s talent is a hidden secret. His eye for staging, sets him above the average photographer. You see, Will is an artist who can pose the client with ease while capturing their spirit. He sees great composition while setting the stage with minimal props and lighting. He is able to put his subject at ease while making them feel unique.Will can tell a story. His portraits share personalities of his subjects while his music and action photos pull us into the environment. When viewing these photos I find myself wishing to be there to see, smell and touch the action. This brings surprise and delight while viewing his photos.
I love working with Will and know that he will do a superb job on anything he touches.

Mary Lou Zeek