Retirement Community resident portrait by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon.

Retirement community outtake

Back at work with one of my favorite clients, Capital Manor retirement community here in Oregon. While setting up in a nondescript dated decor room to capture a few headshots and portraits, I captured one of the nicest gentlemen around as a test subject. It truly is a pleasure to work with so many of the residents and staff at Capital Manor.

fashion and clothing photoshoot, William Bragg, photographer, Oregon

A good team


A good team really does make a photo shoot more efficient, professional, and enjoyable. Friday was such a shoot; just a great team! Fashion, clothing, lookbook photoshoot for a new client. This here’s a peek from the shoot.

model: Tara Manning
fashion stylist: Sarah Solis
makeup: Trista Anderson
assistant: Rashelle Job

Adulting, Kelly Williams Brown

I’ve worked with Kelly Williams Brown for the past few years. She understands that I’m her personal photographer even after the success of her book & J.J. Abrams turns it into a sitcom may take her to parts unknown. ; )

Anyways, the book cover led to some photos for  Grazia Magazine UK,  South Africa, & Serbia.


Johnny Crash, just a snapshot, really

Johnny Crash

One of the perks about the location of my studio is having people drop by. Johnny Crash stopped by today. It was great to meet him. WARNING: If you stop by, there will probably be a snapshot taken of you as well.

Katrina, b&w portrait in parking garage by William Bragg, photographer


It’s always great working with Katrina.

Katrina, b&w portrait in parking garage by William Bragg, photographer

Katrina, b&w portrait in parking garage with cool flare on glasses by William Bragg, photographer

Kelly Williams Brown's book, Adulting: How to become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps. Book cover photograph by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon.

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

UPDATE: Kelly’s book is also morphing: Adulting, a half-hour single-camera comedy from The Vow co-writers Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, Warner Bros TV and J.J. Abrams’ studio-based Bad Robot, has landed at Fox with a put pilot commitment.


Kelly Williams Brown’s new book will be released on May 17, 2013. (Click on image above to pre-order – or if you’re here after release, just click to order) I was privileged to photograph the insanely talented Kelly for the cover. I’d recommend keeping an eye on her even beyond this book. She will be showing up more & more in the public eye (and probably Gawker or maybe TMZ, but in a good way) very soon!

Capital Manor Retirement Community Resident, Peter Stone, portrait by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon.

Retirement community photography


I’ve begun working with a great new client, Capital Manor, a retirement community. We’re creating images for the new website and collateral materials. I’ve been privileged to meet some of the residents, and to be working with the wonderful and talented Leilani Slama.

The above photo is Peter Stone, artist, instructor, and one of the residents. Truly a privilege to photograph many of the residents.

Team portrait, McKay Royal Scots, soccer team. High key group portrait by William Bragg, photographer, Salem, OR.


Many of you know I was a director for a non-profit college-access program for low-income less formally educated families. One of my students, Avi, went on to coach a soccer team (amongst other things). Here’s Avi with a few of his players.