Personal and Business Branding (with Kyle Sexton)

Great to work with Kyle Sexton, Marketing Strategist, creating new images for him.


“I am a consultant and in the last 30 days I have hired a consultant. I am a photographer and in the last 30 days I have hired a photographer. I produce and direct video productions and in the last 30 days I have hired a video production company. It never ceases to amaze me how those who need to upgrade their visual identity downgrade by doing it themselves. Specialize. And hire specialists.”

A few examples (including lunch break 😉 – click on images to navigate):


“I’m a speaker, author and marketing geek, so when I was looking to update my photos, I knew how important it was for these images to tell a story. Because I chose to work with Will, my story is now more interesting and desirable. Photographers are everywhere, but its hard to find an image geek. Images from Will Bragg say a thousand and one words… And that extra one makes all the difference. Remarkable. Can’t wait to do it again. “


Author photo shoot - Adam Gallardo by William Bragg, photographer, Portland, Oregon

Author photo shoot – Adam Gallardo

Adam Gallardo needed an author’s photo, typical needs for book jacket, website, and other promotional reasons. His first book of a two book deal will be coming out soon. After photographing a typical author’s headshot, I wanted to capture some of Adam’s personality and experience. Basically, I wanted a bit more of Adam’s experience of being an author, his reality.

As is the case with most of our creative lives, we cannot completely remove our daily responsibilities from our creative endeavors. And Adam’s writing was no different. He, of course, spent hours at his laptop. But he also cared for his two lovely boys. His extremely supportive wife and partner, Melissa, had more typical work hours.

This was the household reality. As much as we imagine an author’s existence to be while they are creating, the realities are unique. This is Adam’s writing space – the corner of his living room. And those are Adam’s beautiful boys and ‘assistants’. I’m very much looking forward to reading Adam’s new book.

D. E. May, artist portrait session

My distinct pleasure to work with the artist Dan May ( D. E. May, PDX Contemporary Art  | On the Way ).

Adulting, Kelly Williams Brown

I’ve worked with Kelly Williams Brown for the past few years. She understands that I’m her personal photographer even after the success of her book & J.J. Abrams turns it into a sitcom may take her to parts unknown. ; )

Anyways, the book cover led to some photos for  Grazia Magazine UK,  South Africa, & Serbia.


Kelly Williams Brown's book, Adulting: How to become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps. Book cover photograph by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon.

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

UPDATE: Kelly’s book is also morphing: Adulting, a half-hour single-camera comedy from The Vow co-writers Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, Warner Bros TV and J.J. Abrams’ studio-based Bad Robot, has landed at Fox with a put pilot commitment.


Kelly Williams Brown’s new book will be released on May 17, 2013. (Click on image above to pre-order – or if you’re here after release, just click to order) I was privileged to photograph the insanely talented Kelly for the cover. I’d recommend keeping an eye on her even beyond this book. She will be showing up more & more in the public eye (and probably Gawker or maybe TMZ, but in a good way) very soon!

Outtake, Corporate photoshoot, Portland, Oregon by William Bragg, photographer

Corporate photography and business headshots

I love photographing people. It’s like a compulsion, really. When I’m talking to someone, I can’t help but think about photographing them. (Don’t worry, I’m listening as well. Luckily, this compulsion doesn’t interfere with me paying attention). A point of pride for me is making people feel comfortable and loosen up when I’m creating a portrait for them. Even during more formal shoots for corporate photography and business headshots, I’m able to make people comfortable, which produces better portraits.

A recent example is from a corporate photoshoot I completed recently on location in Portland, Oregon. By getting people to feel relaxed, but also confident that they will love the final product, allows them to  open up and let me create a portrait with a bit more personality.

Obviously, we created more typical portraits for the company’s actual use, but you get the picture. One outtake:



Karol Collymore, portrait, on location, non-profit photography, William Bragg, photographer

The Raphael House, Portland, Oregon (non-profit photography)

Yesterday, I was honored to photograph the staff, volunteers & space of the Raphael House (website, Facebook). I had been contacted by Karol Collymore (photo below). She absolutely rocks, and the staff and volunteers are just so brilliant!. They are doing such great, and unfortunately, necessary work.


Canby Public Library, nonprofit photography by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon

Not willfully ignoring the blog, I’ve been busy – good busy

Working on some regional advertising campaigns for a couple of newer clients. Put a book and gallery show together with Mary Lou Zeek. Quite a few business portraits, and portraits for people running for office (some of which are currently on a few billboards). Some promotional work for a few bands and musicians. And working with some very deserving non-profits. And more…

So taking a quick break to post a photo that I hope will make you smile. It has that effect on me.

Canby Public Library, nonprofit photography by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon