Personal and Business Branding (with Kyle Sexton)

Great to work with Kyle Sexton, Marketing Strategist, creating new images for him.


“I am a consultant and in the last 30 days I have hired a consultant. I am a photographer and in the last 30 days I have hired a photographer. I produce and direct video productions and in the last 30 days I have hired a video production company. It never ceases to amaze me how those who need to upgrade their visual identity downgrade by doing it themselves. Specialize. And hire specialists.”

A few examples (including lunch break 😉 – click on images to navigate):


“I’m a speaker, author and marketing geek, so when I was looking to update my photos, I knew how important it was for these images to tell a story. Because I chose to work with Will, my story is now more interesting and desirable. Photographers are everywhere, but its hard to find an image geek. Images from Will Bragg say a thousand and one words… And that extra one makes all the difference. Remarkable. Can’t wait to do it again. “


Author photo shoot - Adam Gallardo by William Bragg, photographer, Portland, Oregon

Author photo shoot – Adam Gallardo

Adam Gallardo needed an author’s photo, typical needs for book jacket, website, and other promotional reasons. His first book of a two book deal will be coming out soon. After photographing a typical author’s headshot, I wanted to capture some of Adam’s personality and experience. Basically, I wanted a bit more of Adam’s experience of being an author, his reality.

As is the case with most of our creative lives, we cannot completely remove our daily responsibilities from our creative endeavors. And Adam’s writing was no different. He, of course, spent hours at his laptop. But he also cared for his two lovely boys. His extremely supportive wife and partner, Melissa, had more typical work hours.

This was the household reality. As much as we imagine an author’s existence to be while they are creating, the realities are unique. This is Adam’s writing space – the corner of his living room. And those are Adam’s beautiful boys and ‘assistants’. I’m very much looking forward to reading Adam’s new book.

Truck Driver, William Bragg, commercial photographer, Portland, Oregon

Commercial Photography, Birmingham, Alabama

Doing both editorial photography and commercial photography and marketing yourself is an always interesting affair. In general many of the magazines that I shoot for don’t want obvious image manipulation, while many of my commercial clients do. But as I say that a million experiences flood my memory when the opposite is true. But ultimately they all want great images, and that is the driving force compelling me down this path. I preface these images because of something the creative director for this shoot in Birmingham, Alabama said just in passing as we were shooting on location. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, “yea, that’s a good photograph, but I don’t want a good photograph, I want a great image.” (Luckily, he wasn’t referencing these images when he said it.)

When it came time to shoot the hero shots, we knew that the composition and lighting needed to be spot on, but that there would be some “special sauce” applied in post. (Gotta love your polarizing filter) He had come in from Tampa, FL, and we had flown in from Portland, OR to create images for a transport trucking company based out of Birmingham, AL.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get much time to spend out in Birmingham proper, but we did get some really good BBQ one night. And we snuck in a couple of hours of bass fishing the morning before our flight that same evening. (By the way, I won the ‘biggest fish’ wager, pulling it out about 15 minutes before having to leave.)

Truck Driver, William Bragg, commercial photographer, Portland, Oregon

(Another quick note: I got to fly down to Birmingham, Alabama, shut down a portion of a highway, and shoot big trucks! If I could only travel back in time to tell my 5 year old self this was going to happen. )

D. E. May, artist portrait session

My distinct pleasure to work with the artist Dan May ( D. E. May, PDX Contemporary Art  | On the Way ).