Personal and Business Branding (with Kyle Sexton)

Great to work with Kyle Sexton, Marketing Strategist, creating new images for him.


“I am a consultant and in the last 30 days I have hired a consultant. I am a photographer and in the last 30 days I have hired a photographer. I produce and direct video productions and in the last 30 days I have hired a video production company. It never ceases to amaze me how those who need to upgrade their visual identity downgrade by doing it themselves. Specialize. And hire specialists.”

A few examples (including lunch break 😉 – click on images to navigate):


“I’m a speaker, author and marketing geek, so when I was looking to update my photos, I knew how important it was for these images to tell a story. Because I chose to work with Will, my story is now more interesting and desirable. Photographers are everywhere, but its hard to find an image geek. Images from Will Bragg say a thousand and one words… And that extra one makes all the difference. Remarkable. Can’t wait to do it again. “


BTS photos

It’s been a good year for my editorial work, and I’ve been thinking of putting together a little slideshow for the year (don’t hold me to that). Came across a few behind the scene (bts) photos from a very fun shoot earlier this year. Nothing really special, just had a blast working with everyone involved.

update: William Bragg, photographer

Things are moving along in the the glamorous world of freelance photography… 😉

For someone who advocates sharing your work and ideas online, I sure do suck at it personally.

Anyways, I’ve done quite a bit of editorial work lately – I’m about to head out to a shoot for the ABA Journal magazine in about an hour from writing this post. Got a chance to meet a wonderful person, Laura Peterson, while shooting for Salem Health. Also meeting Sam Hart of  Lil’ Gypsy fame for another editorial shoot made my week.

And I’ve had a chance to further explore some personal work (brief post to follow).


Healthcare photography, Salem Health nurse, Laura Peterson, by Oregon photographer, William Bragg

Metal House Show

Many of you know that my start was in music photography. I come from a more late 70s/early 80s punk/new wave background (The Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, the Stooges, Husker Du, The Jam, Minor Threat, etc.) And I love me some DIY house shows. Unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons, I haven’t been seeing much live music as of late. Luckily, last night changed that fact. Knowing the hosts & other good friends practically forced me to go. I’m including more photos here than I may usually on this site due to the fact I promised some people last night that I would.

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Snow Day

Normally don’t put the personal up on this site, but it was a blast. He’s been intermittently screaming, “This is the best day EVER !!!”, throughout the day.

(And yes, we don’t have a snow shovel… haven’t needed one.)

SnowDay_2014-1 SnowDay_2014-2 SnowDay_2014-3 SnowDay_2014-4

Lighting test, Monster Mark Winnie, assistant. Editorial photoshoot for IBM Systems magazine by Portland, Oregon commercial and editorial photographer, William Bragg.

Magazine photography

Most of us think of the magazines we see at the supermarket checkout, book stores or the subscriptions we receive at home, and of course, the Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes 😉 .  So mentioning I just did a photoshoot for Car & Driver magazine is more easily recognizable  for most people. But a lot of the magazines for which I end up being hired are industry and trade magazines. I’ve just finished photo shoots for US Bank Reserve magazine and IBM Systems magazine in the last couple of weeks.

This photo is from a lighting test while shooting for IBM magazine. The subject is none other than “Monster” Mark Winnie, the biggest sweetheart you’ve ever met – and the living, breathing example of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Mark is not one of my regular assistants, but a good friend. When my assistant got nailed with the flu over the weekend prior to the shoot, Mark graciously helped me out.

Author photo shoot - Adam Gallardo by William Bragg, photographer, Portland, Oregon

Author photo shoot – Adam Gallardo

Adam Gallardo needed an author’s photo, typical needs for book jacket, website, and other promotional reasons. His first book of a two book deal will be coming out soon. After photographing a typical author’s headshot, I wanted to capture some of Adam’s personality and experience. Basically, I wanted a bit more of Adam’s experience of being an author, his reality.

As is the case with most of our creative lives, we cannot completely remove our daily responsibilities from our creative endeavors. And Adam’s writing was no different. He, of course, spent hours at his laptop. But he also cared for his two lovely boys. His extremely supportive wife and partner, Melissa, had more typical work hours.

This was the household reality. As much as we imagine an author’s existence to be while they are creating, the realities are unique. This is Adam’s writing space – the corner of his living room. And those are Adam’s beautiful boys and ‘assistants’. I’m very much looking forward to reading Adam’s new book.

Oregon outdoors backpacking test shoot

I’ve been contacted lately by a few potential clients about advertising photography for outdoor gear companies. A friend of mine owns a retail outdoors store, and had mentioned my name to a few people. As is often the case, and rightfully so, the people wanted to see some specific outdoor images which I currently don’t have in my portfolio or recently on my blog. I offered to provide a quick test shoot using a favorite location of mine. I didn’t have much time. But with the help of a good friend of mine I was able to capture a couple quick images to send off to the interested parties.

Now these images were created during a small window of time for the both of us with me schlepping some basic lighting equipment over the trail. The purpose is to provide some quick examples to the interested parties given their timeframe, and hopefully, within the context of the rest of my portfolio, we will begin some projects together.

Of course, being located in the Pacific Northwest with such outdoor companies as Danner Boots, Columbia Sportswear, and so many others, this was an element of my portfolio sorely lacking. It is something I have already scheduled some photo shoots to rectify.

Outdoor hiking, backpacking photography in Oregon by William Bragg, photographer



Car & Driver magazine (quote/testimonial)

“Sometimes working in editorial you have to cold call photographers and ask for the strangest things. In this case, I needed a photographer to shoot grown men racing cars while carrying small pigs. Will didn’t question why, but only asked when! From his online portfolio it appeared he had an eye for capturing the unique qualities in people. He did not disappoint. He was able to blend in and get great images that captured the passion and heart these men put into their sport.”


Design Director | Car and Driver magazine

D. E. May, artist portrait session

My distinct pleasure to work with the artist Dan May ( D. E. May, PDX Contemporary Art  | On the Way ).

Equity Foundation, Portland, Oregon

Very proud to have worked with Equity Foundation, Portland, Oregon and LeAnn Locher to create images for June Pride Month, advertising and other collateral materials. Some examples.


Retirement Community resident portrait by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon.

Retirement community outtake

Back at work with one of my favorite clients, Capital Manor retirement community here in Oregon. While setting up in a nondescript dated decor room to capture a few headshots and portraits, I captured one of the nicest gentlemen around as a test subject. It truly is a pleasure to work with so many of the residents and staff at Capital Manor.

fashion and clothing photoshoot, William Bragg, photographer, Oregon

A good team


A good team really does make a photo shoot more efficient, professional, and enjoyable. Friday was such a shoot; just a great team! Fashion, clothing, lookbook photoshoot for a new client. This here’s a peek from the shoot.

model: Tara Manning
fashion stylist: Sarah Solis
makeup: Trista Anderson
assistant: Rashelle Job