Retirement Community resident portrait by William Bragg, photographer, Oregon.

Retirement community outtake

Back at work with one of my favorite clients, Capital Manor retirement community here in Oregon. While setting up in a nondescript dated decor room to capture a few headshots and portraits, I captured one of the nicest gentlemen around as a test subject. It truly is a pleasure to work with so many of the residents and staff at Capital Manor.

Team portrait, McKay Royal Scots, soccer team. High key group portrait by William Bragg, photographer, Salem, OR.


Many of you know I was a director for a non-profit college-access program for low-income less formally educated families. One of my students, Avi, went on to coach a soccer team (amongst other things). Here’s Avi with a few of his players.



Outtake, Corporate photoshoot, Portland, Oregon by William Bragg, photographer

Corporate photography and business headshots

I love photographing people. It’s like a compulsion, really. When I’m talking to someone, I can’t help but think about photographing them. (Don’t worry, I’m listening as well. Luckily, this compulsion doesn’t interfere with me paying attention). A point of pride for me is making people feel comfortable and loosen up when I’m creating a portrait for them. Even during more formal shoots for corporate photography and business headshots, I’m able to make people comfortable, which produces better portraits.

A recent example is from a corporate photoshoot I completed recently on location in Portland, Oregon. By getting people to feel relaxed, but also confident that they will love the final product, allows them to  open up and let me create a portrait with a bit more personality.

Obviously, we created more typical portraits for the company’s actual use, but you get the picture. One outtake:



Our Nurses Rock advertising campaign for Salem Health. Photography by William Bragg, Salem, Oregon.

Nurses Rock! (Salem Health)

It was great to see the ad in Sunday’s paper after all the work done by everybody during the previous week. Plus the sentiment is right on target.
This was a composite photograph. It was interesting as we didn’t meet any of the nurses beforehand, and they each came in separately at different times. It makes taking the individual photos a bit more complicated than just shooting high key portraits, as they needed to be composited together.

Our Nurses Rock advertising campaign for Salem Health. Photography by William Bragg, Salem, Oregon.

(Paz Reingans, Creative Director; William Bragg, photographer)