Outtake, Corporate photoshoot, Portland, Oregon by William Bragg, photographer

Corporate photography and business headshots

I love photographing people. It’s like a compulsion, really. When I’m talking to someone, I can’t help but think about photographing them. (Don’t worry, I’m listening as well. Luckily, this compulsion doesn’t interfere with me paying attention). A point of pride for me is making people feel comfortable and loosen up when I’m creating a portrait for them. Even during more formal shoots for corporate photography and business headshots, I’m able to make people comfortable, which produces better portraits.

A recent example is from a corporate photoshoot I completed recently on location in Portland, Oregon. By getting people to feel relaxed, but also confident that they will love the final product, allows them to  open up and let me create a portrait with a bit more personality.

Obviously, we created more typical portraits for the company’s actual use, but you get the picture. One outtake: